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Google Analytics NEW Mobile Application Tracking

Available this summer will be a new set of Google Analytics reports with more detailed and specific metrics for mobile application tracking. This was announced at the Google I/O 2012 conference on Friday.

“Application developers and marketers need to have a profound understanding of their mobile applications’ usage” said Google product manager JiaJing Wang.

He later added “You have to know what users are doing before you can make meaningful improvements to your mobile applications”

The new data will be of immense value to businesses now racing to take advantage of the current tidal wave of smartphone use. According to a recent report by Chetan Sharma Consulting “digital businesses which won’t become mobile “will be irrelevant”. (more…)

Content Marketing – The New SEO

The idea that the more new and up to date posts you publish to improve your chances of being found through search engines is not a new one. The term “Content is King” has been flying around for several years now, becoming the basis of many people’s SEO strategy - even if they don’t realise it:


This image and all others in this post are excerpts from the excellent ‘Content Marketing Explosion‘ infographic from the Content Marketing Institute. Click to see the full graphic.

The most popular tactic for marketers is currently article posting:


However, this is distinctly different to ‘article marketing’. Our Content Marketing Training course teaches delegates not only have to create and maintain a blog (That figure of 65% should surely be higher!) but also how to build up a guest blogging strategy – writing posts for other blogs with links back to your site. (more…)

Webmasters, Have You Been Good This Year? Google Is Playing Santa Claus If You Have Been!

Will Google Santa Bring Gifts For You?


SEO professionals and webmasters alike have the best reason to enjoy this year’s holidays, as Google announced that they will not be launching any new Panda updates until next year. In all fairness, this is the first time Google has decided to take the role of Santa Claus and give online professionals some time to relax, well at least until after New Year’s Eve.

While webmasters do not have to constantly be supervising the ranks of their pages, the SEO professionals have not had to deal with new modifications and trouble, as the last Panda update was considered minor which was released on 18th of November.

Apart from allowing online professionals to enjoy their Christmas and celebrate the New Year quietly, I am delivering the news that the gift for the high end AdSense publishers is also here. For those new to the online business environment, a few clarifications are in order. Each year, Google offers a special present to thank the publishers for participating in their program. This gift for those that have been busy this year is the digital photo frame. Given the past surprises Google had installed for the SEO professionals and webmasters across the globe, these are actually quite joyful gifts.