Blogging Guide for New Bloggers

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Baby Bloggers: A Guide for the Best Blogging Format for the Novice Blogger

If you have ever thought about starting a blog for personal use or a small business, it’s difficult to know where to start. With the number of different blogging platforms to choose from, it can be overwhelming making a move into the blogosphere. Some people feel that they do not know enough about computers to manage their own blog. It may appear that creating a presence on the web requires in-depth knowledge of computer programming, the truth is that popular content management systems do the hard work for you. WordPress, Tumblr and Blogger all offer easy to use tools that allow the simple creation and maintenance of a blog.

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As a beginner, the first choice to consider is which blogging solution is best suited for your needs. One of the most well-known blog platforms available on the Internet is WordPress. This site offers a full set of features that include the ability to create a custom look, ability to add unique programs called widgets, and offers a number of different themes. Many people access blogs from mobile devices. There are easy to install plug-ins available that optimise your blog for smartphones and tablets. The bad news for someone new to blogging, WordPress isn’t the friendliest platform to use. It does have a rich set of tools that allow creation of a unique space, but it requires some experience and time to commit towards learning how to use the application.


A competing blog application that is very easy to get running is Tumblr. Designed for the person with little or no programming experience, Tumblr offers easy to implement features that incorporate text and visuals in an appealing format. With the graphical design elements available, the blog site that you create on Tumblr is perfect for all of the Internet and phone packages that could possibly access the page. The simple layout appears well on a variety of mobile hardware devices and the tagging features are very simple to use. This helps a blog get noticed by the targeted audience quickly. A disadvantage of Tumblr compared to WordPress is the lack of customisation available. Unless you are willing to learn how to create templates in Tumblr, you are limited to specific page layouts for your blog.


A third major offering of websites for those interested in starting a blog is Blogger. Part of the Google franchise, Blogger is one of the most popular choices available. The platform offers an easy to use interface. Setting up a blog can be done in a matter of minutes. Along with the other tools that Google offers, integrating your blog with other Google Apps is a straightforward process. For example, if you wish to monetize your blog, Google Adwords can be added to your posts that alert readers to ads that interest them. Like WordPress, it is more difficult to create a unique looking blog with Blogger. Unlike both WordPress and Tumblr, Blogger doesn’t have built-in programming techniques that allow well formatted posts on phones and other mobile devices. If it is a priority access the blog on a phone, Blogger is not the ideal choice to meet this objective.


Examining the features offered by these three blogging platforms in detail, determining which of these websites is the best for beginner bloggers is easy to decide. The winner hands down is Tumblr. The simplicity in creating an accessible blog site and ability to update it quickly provides major advantages that both WordPress and Blogger fail to do. From personal experience, Blogger comes in a close second. When first learning how to manage a blog site, my choice was Blogger. I was able to make updates pretty easily. The introduction of Tumblr encouraged me to switch allowing my blogging experience to become less stressful. A positive aspect of Blogger afterwards is that my old Blogger posts continue to receive traffic and make an impact upon the audience I wanted to reach.

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