I Can’t Upgrade My Facebook Group

Help – I can’t update my Facebook group

how to upgrade your facebook group

Many of you who have created a Facebook Group will be faced with a message when you open the group page:

“This group is scheduled to be archived - Over the next few months, Facebook will be archiving all groups created using the old groups format. Moving forward, you can create groups using the new groups format, which makes it easy to share with the important groups in your life.”

The main reason that people created groups instead of pages in the first place is so that they could message all the members of a group. Unfortunately this is no longer possible after the upgrade (which is probably why  Facebook  is enforcing the upgrade)

Another reason is that groups like pages are indexed by Google, (for more SEO information see our SEO training courses)

An even bigger problem for many users is that the UPGRADE button that facebook say will appear (so that admins can upgrade) doesn’t work and much of the time the Group Upgrade button is missing – it doesn’t even appear.

We are also told in Facebook help – that if the group is archived it will lose all of its members OMG.

dont panic

don’t panic, don’t panic

Don’t Panic!

We had the same problem with our Social Media Group, Colin set it up and is the administrator, I reminded him to upgrade by clicking on the link that appeared on the group page prompting me to prompt him to upgrade.

Whilst he got the message by email that the group needed updating the update button was not available to him when he opened the page.  So here is our solution

How to upgrade your Facebook page and save it from being archived

There were many fixes out there, but this is the only one that worked;

  1. Make someone else an administrator of the group
  2. The upgrade button should appear when they open the group page for the first time
  3. Get them to click the upgrade button to update the Facebook Group

Another work around apparently is to change your language from UK English to US English and the link might appear.

Worked for us! If neither of these fixes work PANIC

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