Build Relationships to Build Links: 6 Steps To Powerful Blogger Outreach

There are two ways to approach link building. Go for mass volume and don’t worry about quality or target fewer, higher quality links.

The problem with the second approach is that it is not easy and it takes time. In the past the first approach has always won when it comes to quick gains in rankings. But as Google learns how to detect dodgy link building, more and more sites are being penalised for these low quality links. So not only are they less valuable than good links but they can even damage rankings.

This post will teach you why these links are more valuable and how to reach out to influencial bloggers in 6 steps. This is an area covered in depth on our Content Marketing Training course.


Content Marketing is a tried and tested technique for gaining natural links and building authority. Writing great content encourages people to link to and share your site – telling Google that it is a useful resource that deserves ranking. Writing posts for other sites extends your authority as a blogger within a niche and also has the double advantage of a couple of good backlinks.

Content marketing goes hand in hand with our SEO training and Social Media training courses as an overall internet marketing strategy. SEO teaches you how to optimise your content for search engines which social media will help you develop a working social media marketing strategy.

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The Battle For Online Content Has Begun…

With the war on online piracy well under way, it appears that the scenes are beginning to resemble some of the trite Hollywood movies which many of the people under investigation are accused of pirating.

The MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America) have been leading the crackdown of the uploading and downloading of copyrighted material such as films and music, spearheading the failed SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act).

However, they have had more success getting a major file sharing site, Megaupload, taken down. The popular website, which is used to upload and share large files by enough users to account for 4% of the internet’s total traffic, is alleged to have earned more than £112 million through illegally distributing copyrighted materials by the FBI.

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