Google Goes Gaga Over London 2012 Olympics

The Olympics are now well under way with medals flying out left, right and centre and it can be hard to keep track of where they’re going. Step in Google with their customised search results using the recently unveiled Knowledge Graph. It also looks like we’re going to be treated to a daily Olympics themed Google doodle as well!

Google Olympics Doodles

Search for ‘Olympics’ in Google and you will be treated to special results full of data mined from various sources.

I’m only going to talk about Google in this post because Bing’s isn’t quite up to scratch – much like other efforts such as the Social Sidebar. They seem to just miss what people want!

We’ve already seen Google play around with certain searches using the Knowledge Graph – showing Google+ information, Wiki snippets, Flights details, local info and more but this is one of the biggest, coolest and most in-depth search overlay yet. It seems social media is as important for Google as ever, so Social Media Marketing should be just as important as SEO for you! Read the rest of “Google Goes Gaga Over London 2012 Olympics”

Google Plus – Social Network or SEO Tool? How Far Will Google Go to Save G+?

It’s clear that recent discussion of the importance of authorship has caused just as much buzz in SEO as other developments like Panda and Penguin. What’s caught our attention is how, once again, Google has raised the profile of a ranking factor that involves Google Plus.

1 in 5 Google search results now includes an author tag, with a link to that person’s Google Plus profile. Using this link enables you to establish yourself as an expert author in Google’s eyes.

Like Search Plus Your World, which shows results (pages, likes, posts) from friends if you’re signed into Google Plus; your degree of engagement with other Google platforms/software has become a determinant of which results you see first – and where your business ranks.

Google Plus For SEOThe individual updates all make sense on paper – they do seem to be valid ways of giving the user more appropriate rankings – but together they lead us to one question:

Is Google trying to save Google Plus?

Remember Google Wave?

Google doesn’t have the best track record with developing new software to break into markets other than search. Google Wave, an integrated communications platform, didn’t get much further than development due to a lack of interest. Google Video’s lack of success resulted in a Google purchase of YouTube as they just couldn’t compete.

With these failures in mind, a lot was riding on the success of Google’s foray into the highly competitive world of social networking. Read the rest of “Google Plus – Social Network or SEO Tool? How Far Will Google Go to Save G+?”

Google Entity Search – What Does it Mean for Your SEO?

Google entity search do androids dream of electric sheep

Do androids dream of electric sheep?

We’ve all experienced the frustration, when searching for something in Google, of not getting useful results. You then have to either search through pages of results or rethink your own query and search again. No search engine wants you to have to do that, so they react by trying harder to get your answer right first time. Entity search is the most recent development by Google to give you the most appropriate results by understanding the meaning of your search terms and what related attributes you may be looking for.

SEO training can help with understanding the implication of developments such as these for businesses and their SEO. A content marketing course can help you give Google the right understanding of the information and services your business can provide.

Since the Venice update in 2012, Google has been making assumptions about the individual needs of the searcher and tailoring results based on location, search history and social aspects such as the sort of searches Google+ connections have been publishing and reading. Read the rest of “Google Entity Search – What Does it Mean for Your SEO?”

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