6 Good SEO Books

SEO Training BookIf you’re just starting out in SEO, there can be a baffling amount of information available. The place most people start their SEO research is online (naturally!) – however the web is a VAST resource of SEO articles, SEO tips and SEO training courses – some of which are outdated, and many of which contradict each other!

We find that reading SEO articles on the web is a great way of finding the answers to specific questions, and finding out the opinions of lots of different SEOs.

However – if you’re looking for a solid, all encompassing introductory guide that covers all the basics, its often better to get hold of a good SEO book that you can read at your own pace, in your own time – on the train or in bed – without being overwhelmed by a huge range of articles.

Here’s our list of 6 good introductory SEO books on a range of subjects to get you started:

6 SEO Books

The Art of SEO
A good basic guide – this provides all of the basis SEO building blocks you need to understand before starting an SEO campaign – from some leading industry experts.

Don’t Make Me Think
We often get so tied up in ranking our sites highly that we forget about making them convert when they do. This book covers navigation, usability and content which are all important parts of the SEO mix

Letting Go of the Words
Content is king! But producing good quality content isn’t as easy as many people thing. Letting Go of the Words provides some useful case studies, guidelines and practical tips to make sure you generate good SEO content that people want to bookmark and share.

Marketing in the Age of Google
Easy to understand, well written and makes some advanced Search Engine Optimisation concepts easy to understand.

SEO For Dummies
The “for Dummies” range of books are often criticised – however SEO For Dummies is a good basic search engine optimisation guide. Another all-rounder, it takes readers through the whole process of SEO from keyword research, site design, content, link building, and analytics

Web Analytics 2.0
Getting seen is one thing – being able to track your visitors when they find your site is a fantastic benefit for informing your SEO activity and user interface design. Tools like Google Analytics and Yahoo Analytics are very powerful, and being able to harness their reporting and goal setting tools can unlock the potential of your website.