Webmasters, Have You Been Good This Year? Google Is Playing Santa Claus If You Have Been!

Will Google Santa Bring Gifts For You?


SEO professionals and webmasters alike have the best reason to enjoy this year’s holidays, as Google announced that they will not be launching any new Panda updates until next year. In all fairness, this is the first time Google has decided to take the role of Santa Claus and give online professionals some time to relax, well at least until after New Year’s Eve.

While webmasters do not have to constantly be supervising the ranks of their pages, the SEO professionals have not had to deal with new modifications and trouble, as the last Panda update was considered minor which was released on 18th of November.

Apart from allowing online professionals to enjoy their Christmas and celebrate the New Year quietly, I am delivering the news that the gift for the high end AdSense publishers is also here. For those new to the online business environment, a few clarifications are in order. Each year, Google offers a special present to thank the publishers for participating in their program. This gift for those that have been busy this year is the digital photo frame. Given the past surprises Google had installed for the SEO professionals and webmasters across the globe, these are actually quite joyful gifts.

Google has not only been generous with the users, but made quite an impression on its own employees as well. To thank them for their effort and dedication, Google has offered to all its personnel the much anticipated and hyped Samsung Nexus as a Christmas gift. However, while the news states that everyone will receive the Ice Cream Sandwich, rumors have it that Indian employees will not be provided the same gift. One thing is for sure, most of the employees have lined up in the Google’s offices in Zurich and London to collect their Nexus.


Even though all these news are exciting, it is important to ask again what webmasters would really appreciate as for Christmas. For the proud owners of a website that is doing quite well, the best Xmas present would be to attain more data by keeping track of the analytics of the referrals on Google News. Essentially, that will not only increase the incoming traffic from Google News, but from other news inboxes as well.  Another present I would consider as great for webmasters is to modify the engine encryption that diminished the importance of certain websites, due to showing double digit proportions.

Well, perhaps the best holiday presents for those new to the online business environment would be a little more training and knowledge about search engine optimisation. The most interesting gift that can be offered to SEO professionals and successful webmasters would probably be a common learning platform. I am not talking about common SEO forums but actually real data forums that Google can respond to with regards to specified websites as case studies would even be the cherry topping on the cake! Simply getting together with people in the industry and discussing the elements that can be improved or setting the values and ethics of SEO is something very few can actually refuse.

Lastly, I wish each webmaster out there gets those toys and tools that would make his job easier if Santa Google is feeling generous enough. Merry SEO Christmas and happy traffic during the holidays!

Jeet recommends using white hat methods for SEO. You should ensure your site is search engine friendly and that you build healthy and natural backlinks to get a gift from Webmaster Santa Claus aka Google.

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