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Writing content for sites other than your own is a great way to build links and spread your presence around the web. While article submission is still useful more people are shying away from article submission sites as they are often unmoderated and so the quality is low and full of unrelated links.

We are always looking to publish guest posts on other blogs and we accept guest posts as long as they are original content and of a high standard. If you are looking for guest blog posts for your site or want to write blog posts for us email

Guest blogging is a win win situation for both authors and blogs. By moderating what they post a blog can gain high quality content for free and can forge links with other blogs to post on in the future. For the guest blogger this allows them a new audience to draw traffic from. Follow the tips in this blog and you should see an increase in traffic – and hopefully boost your ranking with some higher quality links too!

Guest blogging is just one factor of Content Marketing – follow the link for more general discussion and advice on Content Marketing – The New Black in SEO.

Finding a place to post

The first step in building links through guest blogging is to find places to post your articles. A popular blog with a good reputation is best – check the other content on their site. If the existing blogs are sloppy and poorly written then it means they’ll put anything up. People aren’t likely to trust these sites so posting there won’t help you.

If you find a site with high quality content it means they do check before they publish and it forces you to up your game. Before you start writing, reach an agreement with the site you want to write for. The best guest posts are written with a target site and audience in mind so there is no point writing one and finding that site doesn’t want to publish your post.

Also check they allow links and whether they are follow links. If you go to the effort of writing a fantastic blog, submit it to the website and they publish it without any links you haven’t actually gained anything!

There are many article submission sites around that allow you to post articles often without moderation. Apart from a few trusted sites you should avoid these as they’re just full of spammy links and internet users tend to avoid them because of this. Find a good blog that has a dedicated audience and you’ll be better off.

Write relevant content not PR spam

The best way to ensure getting content published on other blogs is to write relevant content. You need to write something that appeals to the blog’s target audience or they won’t read it. Don’t just write an advert for your business – advertising on the internet costs money and blogs aren’t going to let you post an article about how amazing your business is with a whole load of links.

Link to your content in an unobtrusive way – at the end of the article or at a relevant point. Don’t link too much – often you see blogs in which every keyword links to a page.  People will treat this as spam and websites won’t want to publish your articles if you’re doing it.

Reach new audiences

It can be frustrating to write consistently high quality content for your website only to see the page views stay steady. That is because it is hard to pull new regular visitors to a site. The majority of people viewing your content have visited your site before and while you want to encourage repeat visits, new traffic is very important. Guest posting allows you to reach whole new audiences of other sites. Try to post on blogs that already have a larger audience than your site and you are hugely increasing the presence of your brand.

Write quality content

The most important aspect of guest blogging is quality. The only way to gain trust from a blog site is through writing engaging posts. Quality content is the only way to ensure a win win situation for both you and the site you’re posting on. They want your post to attract traffic to their site and you want people to then click through to your site. You’re main aim is to write something that makes people want more from you.

Don’t duplicate, originate

It is very tempting to write one excellent blog and then rewrite in ten times, changing it enough to fool Google but not someone who reads more than one copy. It is likely that in spreading your content around you will post on sites that all have a similar topic – these sites often share users and are aware of each other. If they notice you’ve posted a reworded version of the same article on multiple sites they’re unlikely to let you post again and will probably remove your blog.

As the main point of guest blogging is to increase trust in your business. Anyone who notices duplicate content will immediately distrust you. You can’t just write content for link building – that may be the overall goal of guest blogging but if this is too obvious it will turn people away.

Besides, Google is always upping the ante to weed out duplicate content so replicating articles could haunt you in the future.

Another note on duplicate content – the best guest blogs are created out of entirely original content. Don’t rehash old articles written years ago that don’t have any relevance today. Find out what people are talking about when you’re writing and try and produce cutting edge up to date content. Check through a website’s previous blogs before submitting a guest blog to make sure they haven’t posted the same subject before.


Guest blogs can be a great way to build links but only when thoroughly thought out. Pick the right blog that allows links, write quality, original content aimed at the audience of the blog and then make sure your post doesn’t seem like a PR exercise. Do this and both you and the sites you post on will begin to reap the rewards.

If you are new to blogging or feel that you need to learn more, Silicon Beach Training run a Blogging Training Course which teaches an overview of blogging, how to write good posts and how to use blogging as a marketing tool.

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