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Promotional Marketing: Has the Future of Advertising Gone Bananas?

Are SEO and Content Marketing enough? Of course it’s still really important to get these right, if you need to brush up on your SEO skills or Social Media Marketing knowledge you have come to the right place. Here guest blogger Christopher Smith talks about promotional marketing or “smart marketing” in the current economic climate…

Honda advertising on a banana 2003

Honda advertising on a banana 2003

Until a few years ago, there were three words that I barely heard of, but have got to know very well in the past few years. These three words seem to be what I start the majority of my blogs off with, and in most parts, you can see these three words pretty much effect everything. These three words I will use to start off my next paragraph, not because I have become accustomed to them but because they link to the content. These three words are “Current Economic Climate.” Read the rest of “Promotional Marketing: Has the Future of Advertising Gone Bananas?”

Webmasters, Have You Been Good This Year? Google Is Playing Santa Claus If You Have Been!

Will Google Santa Bring Gifts For You?


SEO professionals and webmasters alike have the best reason to enjoy this year’s holidays, as Google announced that they will not be launching any new Panda updates until next year. In all fairness, this is the first time Google has decided to take the role of Santa Claus and give online professionals some time to relax, well at least until after New Year’s Eve.

While webmasters do not have to constantly be supervising the ranks of their pages, the SEO professionals have not had to deal with new modifications and trouble, as the last Panda update was considered minor which was released on 18th of November.

Apart from allowing online professionals to enjoy their Christmas and celebrate the New Year quietly, I am delivering the news that the gift for the high end AdSense publishers is also here. For those new to the online business environment, a few clarifications are in order. Each year, Google offers a special present to thank the publishers for participating in their program. This gift for those that have been busy this year is the digital photo frame. Given the past surprises Google had installed for the SEO professionals and webmasters across the globe, these are actually quite joyful gifts.

Read the rest of “Webmasters, Have You Been Good This Year? Google Is Playing Santa Claus If You Have Been!”

Google News Optimisation – Increase Traffic and Build Links

As Google push to produce ever more relevant results for searchers, more people are searching using Google Images, Videos, Blogs and News. Google is driving this by including News and Image results on SERPs for relevant searches. Appearing on Google News tells both Google and searchers that your site is up to date and fresh. Come on a Brighton SEO Training course and learn how to optimise your content so that it shows up in Google News for the right keywords.

Google News: it can drive a lot of traffic and it’s amazing as a link building mechanism, but do you have the first clue what to do with it, or how to do it?

Google News Optimisation

Image by Spencer E Holtaway on Flickr

One of the biggest problems with Search Engine Optimisation in general is finding the right sources from which to acquire links – there are hundreds of promises out there in regards to acquiring search engine visibility, but the vast majority fall flat. The truth is, if you want visibility in search – the type of visibility which is going to drive sales (not just traffic) – then you need to put the time in.

One strategy which a number of my clients have used to good effect is Google News, which is a channel of Universal Search. Basically, if you feature in Google News then you will have the opportunity to gain exposure for your news items in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) for some rather high volume generic queries (the usual “takes time” approach reserved for link building isn’t as big a stumbling block). Read the rest of “Google News Optimisation – Increase Traffic and Build Links”

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