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Google and Bing Recommend Responsive Web Design for SEO

bing-google-mobile-guidelinesAs of June 6th both major search engines, Google and Bing, officially recommend Responsive Web Design for SEO in their Webmaster Guidelines.

As we teach on our SEO courses, the number one SEO technique is to listen to the search engines! So read through this post and hear what they have to say on the subject of mobile sites.

If you don’t already have a mobile version of your website, it is something you should be seriously considering. You could be losing customers who can’t use your site on mobiles and tablets, especially if you are an e-Commerce site.

You may not think this is a problem but with mobile devices outselling desktop PCs globally, and web use on mobiles to exceed desktops within a few years (already a reality in India) you will soon be targeting more mobile users than desktop users. Your site should be ready for this!

There are 2 options for mobile optimisation – a dedicated mobile site separate to your main site with a .m or /m/ url. Or a responsive site that displays differently on varied screen and browser sizes. Read the rest of “Google and Bing Recommend Responsive Web Design for SEO”

5 Things You Need to Know about Facebook’s Edgerank Algorithm

Facebook’s Edgerank algorithm has been a hot topic lately, mostly because of the controversy surrounding the introduction of Promoted Posts. This led many people to believe that their usual non-paid-for posts were being hidden from news feeds – that they’re having their arms twisted just to get their updates seen by fans/subscribers.

facebook edgerank algorithm image

Facebook’s Promoted Posts option has made many marketers realise that there’s another ranking algorithm to contend with beyond Google, Bing and the traditional search engines.

(If you want to know more about how to rank more highly in search engines, then our 1-day SEO course will teach you!)

Here are the top 5 Things You Need to Know about Facebook Edgerank.

1. Why ‘Edgerank’?

In the world of Facebook, every update is known as an ‘edge’. That includes your status updates, posts from company pages, polls, group discussion tops, photo uploads and events. Edgerank is simply the word for the algorithm that Facebook has developed to decide what to show each person in their news feed. Read the rest of “5 Things You Need to Know about Facebook’s Edgerank Algorithm”

Will Facebook’s IPO Kill ‘The’ Social Network?

It’s hard to escape reports that Facebook’s recent IPO (initial public offering) is the ‘flop of the decade’, but is it really as big a flop as the news reports suggest? And what does this mean for Facebook in the future?

Facebook is the most asked for topic on our social media course. We will be keeping a close eye on post-IPO Facebook to see if any changes affect marketing on Facebook.

Was Facebook’s IPO a Flop?

According to the news and to the initial investors: yes. But, according to Billy Conerly at Forbes: no! Billy thinks that the IPO is a huge success for Facebook.

Facebook IPO Flop or Success

Unlike a normal IPO, where shares are expected to rise throughout the first week so that early investors get the best deal, shares actually dropped. Facebook were able to sell their shares way above market price and not lose out on an increased price later on.

No matter what the outcome of the IPO was, Facebook has now gone from a business relying on private investment to one with a lot of capital to play with.

Early investors will not be thinking along the same lines. Read the rest of “Will Facebook’s IPO Kill ‘The’ Social Network?”

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