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‘Acquired By Twitter’ – Why Is Twitter Buying Start Ups?

Over the past year or so a common theme seems to be emerging. Start up social enterprise begins to find its legs, builds a significant following, and then announces they’ve been ‘acquired by Twitter’. Here are the biggest ones:


This all seems to tie in with Twitter’s plans to start actually making money. While it has been claimed that Twitter were losing money in 2010 and 2011, leaked figures suggest that they aim to generate £400 million revenue in 2012 (still not very much compared to Facebook).


We cover a wide range of social media monitoring tools on our Social Media course. We also teach you how to use social media to effectively market your business to customers and other businesses. Social media marketing training works well with SEO training and Content Marketing training for an all round internet marketing strategy. Google Analytics training is also important for monitoring your efforts.

In some cases Twitter has removed products, in others it has discontinued updates but left them going and in rare instances such as TweetDeck they have taken the product itself on board to develop. So who are these teams that Twitter has decided to take on board?So, Twitter have decided to ‘acquire’ some of the best teams and products from around the world.

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Google Entity Search – What Does it Mean for Your SEO?

Google entity search do androids dream of electric sheep

Do androids dream of electric sheep?

We’ve all experienced the frustration, when searching for something in Google, of not getting useful results. You then have to either search through pages of results or rethink your own query and search again. No search engine wants you to have to do that, so they react by trying harder to get your answer right first time. Entity search is the most recent development by Google to give you the most appropriate results by understanding the meaning of your search terms and what related attributes you may be looking for.

SEO training can help with understanding the implication of developments such as these for businesses and their SEO. A content marketing course can help you give Google the right understanding of the information and services your business can provide.

Since the Venice update in 2012, Google has been making assumptions about the individual needs of the searcher and tailoring results based on location, search history and social aspects such as the sort of searches Google+ connections have been publishing and reading. Read the rest of “Google Entity Search – What Does it Mean for Your SEO?”

The Hobbit vs. Middle-Earth (Enterprises) – A Social Media Epic

Hobbit Pub Southampton

Social media is a powerful and effective tool in the right hands. Our social media training course teaches you how to use social networks to build your brand using a social media marketing strategy. In this blog post we look at the ‘Save The Hobbit’social media campaign. The highly successful campaign has received coverage worldwide as people fall in love with the idea of a small pub taking on Hollywood suits.

In this post we tell the story using Tolkien’s own words. The quotes come from both The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings and we hope nobody minds us using them!



The Hobbit is a pub nestled in the Shire of Hamp. Popular with students it is themed with characters from J.R.R. Tolkien’s books.

The Hobbit serves cocktails named after Lord of the Ring characters (collectively called The Fellowship), sells The Hobbit t-shirts, has Tolkien-inspired wall murals in the beer garden and features the film version of Frodo on their loyalty cards.

Recently, the pub has come under threat from Tolkien trademark holders Saul Zaentz Company (SZC) who license out the trademarks as Middle-Earth Enterprises. Read the rest of “The Hobbit vs. Middle-Earth (Enterprises) – A Social Media Epic”

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