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Because current SEO techniques change all the time, we at Silicon Beach Training need to keep on our toes.

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All of our SEO courses and Social Media workshops are regularly updated to reflect this constant evolution.

Greg Boser, 3 Dog Media former President and Senior Vice President of BlueGlass Interactive Search, shared  his opinions at PubCon about the hottest SEO topics and trends.

In his speech, he shared three SEO facts about website quality.

Site vs. Page Quality

Search engines, such as Google, will no longer focus on your web page on your domains. Since Google’s page level analysis is no longer applicable, you need to maximize your site’s overall content. Panda update might hit your rankings due to some accidental errors, even if you are not one of those spammers.

You need to ensure that your domain’s content must be related to your product’s message having high-quality content. Google will devalue it if your domain has lots of low-quality content. Thus, it is very essential for webmasters to fully understand their web content and how it performs.

How do web masters understand their web content’s performance?

These tips will help:

  • Consider the ratio between the total quantity of natural landing pages and of the indexed pages.
  • Determine the ratio between the quantity of deep links and the indexed pages.

It is vitally important that webmasters take the time to understand how content is performing. The questions below will help webmasters better understand this critical issue:

What is the ratio between total pages indexed and the total number of organic landing pages?
What is the ratio between total pages indexed and the total number of deep links?

Many content issues will be related to poor canonicalization or lack of proper access control plan. Look up and read about the following:

Social (Human Engagement) signals

These days, traditional SEO has started to shift into social signals. In fact, Google has newly acquired PostRank. It is a social metric which is similar to PageRank. PostRank will indicate the importance of social signals or human engagement to Google algorithm. 

Google wants upgrade in their services. This is due to the fact that people are sharing links via social networks instead of sharing it in their blogs or websites.  If you want to develop and improve your social signals, consider these tips:

  • Develop and increase links from domains and pages with constant and reliable social signals
  • Create consistent social signals to your web content.

Backlink Diversity

Building accurate anchor text links into ranks for term is no longer feasible; but you need to consider that your strategy with your anchor text must focus on creating an organic footprint. How? Follow these guidelines:

  • During the first six (6) months, it should have no similar matches after you have launched your site, domain and branded links only.
  • Instead, you can use related phrases or synonyms. In short, do not be too obvious!
  • You can also use branded fractional matches like the company’s name added with the generic phrase.

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