What Do Facebook Read Receipts Mean for Marketing?

We wrote recently about how the Facebook Edgerank Algorithm calculates what to show in each user’s news feed – as well as the implications of this for social media marketing.

Another recent Facebook update that will prove important for SEO and marketing is the addition of read receipts to messages and group posts. Facebook announced this back on July 11th and it looks like it’s been rolled out across a large proportion of Groups.


Facebook groups are a feature that, when most business groups were turned to pages, didn’t get used very much if at all. Recently, groups have started to make a comeback as a place where like-minded people could come together as a community to discuss (and, yes, promote) ideas.

The idea behind adding read receipts to Facebook groups is, presumably, so those running the groups can pass on messages and updates to people to whom these will be relevant. By knowing who has seen an update, e.g. the rescheduling of a meet-up, the group moderator can know who they need to follow-up with.

Of course, we must raise the question of whether marketers should be using Facebook groups for promotion at all! Our Social Media marketing course will teach you the advantages and disadvantages of different platforms for marketing – and that the number one aim should be to add value and engage. You’ll need to ask yourself whether you genuinely believe the content you are promoting is good enough to be of use to the members of the group – and the new read receipts may well test that theory! Read the rest of “What Do Facebook Read Receipts Mean for Marketing?”

5 Things You Need to Know about Facebook’s Edgerank Algorithm

Facebook’s Edgerank algorithm has been a hot topic lately, mostly because of the controversy surrounding the introduction of Promoted Posts. This led many people to believe that their usual non-paid-for posts were being hidden from news feeds – that they’re having their arms twisted just to get their updates seen by fans/subscribers.

facebook edgerank algorithm image

Facebook’s Promoted Posts option has made many marketers realise that there’s another ranking algorithm to contend with beyond Google, Bing and the traditional search engines.

(If you want to know more about how to rank more highly in search engines, then our 1-day SEO course will teach you!)

Here are the top 5 Things You Need to Know about Facebook Edgerank.

1. Why ‘Edgerank’?

In the world of Facebook, every update is known as an ‘edge’. That includes your status updates, posts from company pages, polls, group discussion tops, photo uploads and events. Edgerank is simply the word for the algorithm that Facebook has developed to decide what to show each person in their news feed. Read the rest of “5 Things You Need to Know about Facebook’s Edgerank Algorithm”

The Hobbit vs. Middle-Earth (Enterprises) – A Social Media Epic

Hobbit Pub Southampton

Social media is a powerful and effective tool in the right hands. Our social media training course teaches you how to use social networks to build your brand using a social media marketing strategy. In this blog post we look at the ‘Save The Hobbit’social media campaign. The highly successful campaign has received coverage worldwide as people fall in love with the idea of a small pub taking on Hollywood suits.

In this post we tell the story using Tolkien’s own words. The quotes come from both The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings and we hope nobody minds us using them!



The Hobbit is a pub nestled in the Shire of Hamp. Popular with students it is themed with characters from J.R.R. Tolkien’s books.

The Hobbit serves cocktails named after Lord of the Ring characters (collectively called The Fellowship), sells The Hobbit t-shirts, has Tolkien-inspired wall murals in the beer garden and features the film version of Frodo on their loyalty cards.

Recently, the pub has come under threat from Tolkien trademark holders Saul Zaentz Company (SZC) who license out the trademarks as Middle-Earth Enterprises. Read the rest of “The Hobbit vs. Middle-Earth (Enterprises) – A Social Media Epic”

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