Using Google+ for Video and Podcasting

There are many ways of using Google+ to create great unique and useful content for web. Being able to create content that engages users is paramount to achieving good positioning in the SERPS. You can start a great debate and write an opinion piece on it, quote all the important people who contribute, syndicate through social media channels whilst tagging those people and watch the traffic roll. All great for SEO and squeaky clean and penalty free, pandering to the latest Google update (read more about how the Google Panda update changed SEO).

google+ hangouts

Use Google+ Hangouts to create great video content

Here’s a way of using Google+ for content and SEO you may not have thought of yet.

Use Google+ for SEO by using Hangouts to create video content.

We know that Google loves video. Now, using Google+ they have created a way of getting people together to have a good debate called Hangouts. Record a great Hangout and hey presto you have a great video. It is important, however to make clear to the contributors that the debate is for public viewing, otherwise you could get yourself into trouble.

Many companies have creative or strategic people in-house that could be put together using a Hangout. Alternatively, there maybe a group of experts in your niche that would be happy to join your Hangout for a bit of mutual publicity.

First you would need to create a private Hangout with your chosen cast ready to join at a certain time. Currently Google+ allows up to ten people, but two would be enough if all you want is an interview.

Then you need to record Hangout on your screen. Camtasia is a good paid for option, Jing is free.

The possibilities are endless, great interviews, debates, opinion pieces, comedy. You can be as creative as you like, choosing strange locations, weirdly entertaining contributors. It’s easy, fun and you’ll be creating what Google loves (as long as it’s not rubbish), great content that people want to use and share and popular video content. Simples :)

Here is a brilliant example:

And here is one on how to do it:

We have updated our SEO course to make sure that we offer the best advice for SEO after the latest updates, and are constantly refining the course in include anything and everything we learn along the way.

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