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Let’s forget the Facebook V Google+ story, the realname gate and the delayed business pages fiasco. It’s not so much a question of will Google+ become mainstream any more it’s more a question of why?

First of all, let us not forget that Google is the undisputed king of search. In fact 85% of internet users already use Google for search. They even own YouTube!

The more that Google+ is integrated into your browser experience the more it will just always be there. The 1d button is now faster, easier and slicker than tweet this or like this buttons. Using Google+ is not like opening and closing Tweetdeck or Hootesuite, or logging into or out of Facebook, it’s just there.

Google has already been monitoring your activities for years, using your browsing history and this has given them more information about you than any other social platform. Now that Chrome is so slick and extensions come out almost daily to make your experience quicker, slicker and less time consuming, many Firefox and Safari diehards are going to make the leap. Google is using Chrome to enhance Plus’s functionality, it also makes using all of their other services just a click away. Currently Chrome users make up 23% of, I’m expecting this figure to grow very quickly.

Let’s not forget the importance of Mobile, they even have a piece of the mobile pie, monitoring the activity of all the android users. Android will grow in popularity as it will evolve into the best mobile for social networking environments. Google Android is already approaching 50% market share whilst Apple is at 19%. If that isn’t enough watch out for the fast developing Linux based Chrome PC operating system. So gradually Google are becoming the masters of both the operating system and the software, and there is also Google TV!

Though Google plus is about user experience, the amount of information they have about your behavior and interests makes any marketing tool that Google may offer, capable of delivering more relevant suggestions. See what Google already thinks you are interested in. Not only that, if it’s relevant to you it will probably be relevant to your social circles and if sharing that content is the faster most convenient using Google+ then that is going to be what most people will use. Just three days ago Google bought Dealmap, there is no space left on the internet that Google cannot conquer.

+1′s on websites and pages are already influencing personalised search on Google. Google already shows you if your friends have +1′d pages in your results.

Businesses cannot afford not to use Google+, with the new business pages on the horizon were just on the brink of another explosion. People are using personal profiles to represent business already.

So If you haven’t already, set up your Google+ profile, ready to promote your new business page when it becomes available. Put the +1 button on every page of your site. Become an early adopter while you still have the chance because Google+ will form a big part of the future of social networks and social search.

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