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A lot has happened in the world of SEO this year following the Google Panda Update. We wrote some tips about surviving the Google Panda update recently.

Many experts have been saying for years that the only way to get traffic and good rankings is to write great content. This has never been more true. If you don’t already have a blog, you should get one now, preferably on the same domain as your current website. If you haven’t already done so, create a Business Facebook Page, a Business Twitter account, and now a Google+ account (personal account only at the moment – business pages to come).

Put Google +1, Facebook Like, and Tweetme buttons on every post and preferably options for social bookmarking sites like Digg, Sumbleupon too.

Get everyone you can involved with content creation, as this is what will take up a lot of  time, you probably have a lot of in-house expertise to call on. However, always check the quality before posting.

What the Search Engines and Google, in particular, are looking for:

  • Fresh new content (Google love sites that post fresh and regular content)
  • That is well written – no mistakes no broken links
  • Encourages the reader to stay longer
  • Encourages the reader to click through – to read more
  • Encourages others to link to it – make it really funny, useful, unique, entertaining, different
  • Encourages others to share through social media (think about your tag line when you post or tweet – what would you click on?)
  • Does it answer a much asked question – and are the words in that question also in your url and titles? (type “where is the hashtag on my mac” into Google and you’ll come up with my most popular page ever!)

Google will track all of this activity through the browser and through android mobile devices to paint a picture of your website. It will determine the quality of your post or page using the above data. Quality is also being determined by checking spelling and grammar, and broken links. They also use humans! Quality scores are determined by employees of Google who may rate your site in terms of whether they trust it or not, how easy it is to use etc.

The roles of SEO expert, user experience designer, content writer and social media marketeer are merging.

Check list of things to consider before writing content for your site:

  • Are the keyword/s you would like to rank for in the URL?
  • Are the keywords you would like to rank for in the titles on the page?
  • Is it interesting (would you read it)
  • Is it interesting (would you share it)
  • Does your post/page link to other relevant content on your site that would be attractive to your reader? (reduce bounce rate, increase click-through rate)
  • Does it look good, well spaced out and formatted?
  • Is it easy to read?
  • Does it include at least one good image?
  • Does your anchor text (the text you click on) match your link title?
  • Can you include a video? (Google loves video, you can easily make video by recording Google+ Hangouts)

If you can tick all the boxes above you are well on your way to creating content that Google will love.

If you need more – watch Matt Cutts talking about using your blog to generate organic links:

If you need help with your SEO we provide great SEO courses, if you need to learn to track your success book a Google Analytics course or if you need a head start in using Social Media for your business we provide great Social Media Training courses too.

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